Prior to Acupuncture treatment please take these precautions

    • Delay treatment for a while after the patient arrives.
    • Acupuncture should be delayed if a patient has have sexual intercourse within two hours of a treatment. Patient should retrain sexual activity for two hours after treatment as well.
    •  Treatment for patients who are intoxicated should be delayed.
    • Treatment should be delayed for patients who suffer over fatigue.
    • Delay treatment for patients who are fasting or famished or who are extremely thirsty.
    • Treatment of patients who overeat should be delayed.
    • Caution is advised for patients who exhibit nervousness or extreme fear.
    • Caution is also advised for patient showing any strong emotion.
    • Patients who have traveled great distance  should be allowed to rest prior to treatment.
    •  Women who are pregnancy should tell the acupuncturist before any needling.
    •  Patients who have a tendency of spontaneous hemorrhage or other bleeding problems should avoid acupuncture treatment.

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